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Hello, I'm Karel De Wolf.

I am a versatile artist with almost 15 years of experience in computer graphics, such as illustration and 2D/3D animation. Recently I also co-founded a game studio, Head First Studios, and I'm fulfilling the role of creative director. A tough position with a lot of responsibility, but I have already found that it helps me grow as a person as well as an artist. Creativity is much more than my job, my mind is almost constantly on it.

Give me a push in the right direction, and I make something usefull and very fun to look at for you!

BE 0700.299.913




Creativity is the result of playing with the questions. Asking the right questions turns your creativity into a solution.


The most important thing in a story is who reads it. Targeted storytelling starts with understanding who your audience is.

Art and illustration

Character design, illustrations, drawings, paintings, ...

Commercial, artistic, entertainment, ...

I love it all :D


- under construction -

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3D and Animation

Animation is flexible and a universal form of communication. If 1 image is worth a 1000 words, then 1 second animation at 25 fps is worth 25000! :p

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