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BE 0700.299.913


You are looking for an artist you can trust, an artist who is able to communicate on all levels needed to create a deep understanding of your vision, but also knows how to keep you posted during production, so you always know where things are going?

Experience taught me an exciting balance between artistic creativity and professionalism. Everything starts with what the client wants to achieve with the artwork.


So, what can be expected from me?


Brainstorm: If your idea is still in development...

Technical and artistic advice: budget doesn’t like wrong choices

Preproduction artwork: Creating a clear prediction of the final product with designs, moodplates, storyboards, animatics, …

Drawings and Paintings: Any form, any style...

Layouts: Combining images and texts creatively in folders, cards, ...

Animation: 2D and 3D, technical and artistic. Any form, any style...


Let’s start creating!

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